Small and medium business:

Meet PowerBalance,
your new Energy Manager.

Utility companies bill you for energy peaks-
PowerBalance eliminates them.


10x more cost
effective than solar


Payback in as
little as 6 months


Up to 25% savings
off your utility bill

Turn on PowerBalance and see the savings!

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Manage your energy, easily!

PowerBalance automates your equipment - at a fraction of the cost of regular building management systems. Start saving now!

Too small for the big systems?

Most building management systems are "sized" for facilities
50k sq' and above but most operations are much smaller. PowerBalance gives you the same efficiencies, on your budget.

Your plant, your equipment.

PowerBalance works with your existing equipment to deliver immediate savings and performance reporting, with no expensive upgrades or retrofits.

Eliminate costly energy spikes.

Utilities charge you on the maximum power used; PowerBalance smoothes out your operations so these spikes don't occur. PowerBalance cuts your energy use, and slashes your demand costs.

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About Us

Since 2008, PowerBalance has positioned itself in the energy market as a solution for the underserved sector of small- to medium-sized business owners. Complicated retrofits and building management systems are too expensive for most business operators; we focus on providing a tool for virtually any business to manage their energy use.

Working with the Rocky Mountain Institute and some of the nation's leading energy engineers, we've researched the drivers of business energy needs and impacts. PowerBalance is engineered to deliver energy use data directly to operators, and our automatic controls optimize equipment run times and shave demand charges.

PowerBalance puts energy control and savings into your hands.

Luis Bobadilla

Luis Bobadilla

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Luis Bobadilla

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Luis' decade-plus of experience in finance and entrepreneurial successes, along with a lifelong interest in environmental issues, form the driving force behind the development of PowerBalance.

His ability to identify opportunities in a wide range of industries and understanding of your operations provides "double" bottom-line solutions to your energy management needs.

Elizabeth Crawford

Elizabeth Crawford

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Elizabeth Crawford

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Ms. Crawford brings deep legislative and energy policy experience to PowerBalance client solutions and project management. Years of County government work on nuclear cleanup policy and renewable energy fueled Elizabeth's drive to develop PowerBalance with Mr. Bobadilla; reducing energy consumption is key to business and environmental sustainability.

Carrie Rily

Chris Lee

Marketing and Client Management

Carrie Rily

Marketing & Client Management

Christopher Lee received his bachelors in entrepreneurship from Chapman University in Orange, California. Being born and raised on the south shore of Oahu he is a natural waterman and an avid sports fan. His experience in energy management led him to managing the operations for one of Hawaii's fastest 50 growing companies. Chris is working to follow in the giant footsteps of his grandfather a reverend in the local Korean community and his father the current CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.

Dan Lilie

Dan Lilie

Program and Policy Director

Dan Lilie

Program and Policy Director

Dan Lilie seeks to identify challenges in real, estate, energy, and finance that require collaborative and interesting solutions. He has extensive experience in building systems and energy efficiencies in the commercial arenas.. He focuses on bridging public and private sector interests, and has worked in multiple vertical markets, including commercial real estate, health care, and non-profit.